Zola Jesus – Stridulum II Zola Jesus – Stridulum II

Zola Jesus - Stridulum II

I was a teenage vampire.

And we’re not talking Robert Pattinson here. Though I may have been pale and slight and shy I was by no means playing up some Mormon abstinential allegory by keeping my true love safe and at arms length while I grappled with the woes of the undead and my perfect fucking hair.

Quite the contrary.

I was INTO that shit. And so was my girlfriend. And so were my friends. The last years of our adolescence were all blood and cuts and psychodramatic expressions that often verged on the suicidal but always brought us back alive.

I think Zola Jesus would’ve liked it there.

With her siren wail and TG beats she would’ve fit right in among us moody geeks. And we would’ve loved to have her to one of our clove-smoking, stolen cognac night wood parties. Talking about death and love and, you know, all the deep stuff that separated us from the white hats and the rich girls.

Chasing ghosts and catching colds.

All right, they weren’t parties. More like huddles, really. Out of sight and expanding our minds until we believed in immortality and psychic power over brute strength even though we always got our asses kicked.

Not Zola, though. That girl could sing her way out of anything.

1. Night
2. Trust Me
3. I Can’t Stand
4. Run Me Out
5. Stridulum
6. Manifest Destiny
7. Tower
8. Sea Talk
9. Lightsick

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