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Young Montana?

Young Montana?

Coventry’s Young Montana? Appears to have largely appeared out of nowhere with his debut collection of tracks that immediately call to mind  the likes of glitch hop godfather Flying Lotus and sampling artisans Avalanches. Montana? A.k.a. Jon Pritchard’s style is to utilize samples to prop up his tracks, rather than the other way round and thus have his songs be pretentious and narrow insights into his record collection. Of the eight songs present on Everything In Between, half are original works- the other half consist of remixes of some trendy and not so trendy artists, and on these, Pritchard again uses samples of the original piece as a foundation for the new direction he takes it in. Overall, Everything In Between works wonderfully.

“Twenty3Skidoo” is the classic Brainfeeder sound, and sounds like some of the more beautiful moments of artists like FlyLo and recent up and comer, Teebs. Sweeping  string arrangements and gentle warped electro always work well together; this is no exception, and Pritchard pulls it off with the gentlest of touches. “Bad Day” is another chilled moment, and sounds exactly like a track entitled “Bad Day” should. Contemplative, introverted and woozy, Pritchard gets it just right here. While the thumping latino infused “Atlas” is a brilliant contrast to these quieter moments, the brilliance of “Sacré Cool” is in no doubt. A simply inspired reimagining of “She Can’t Love You” by Chemise, it is original, fresh sounding, and funky.

The remixes tend to stray somewhat. “Show You” is the only example on here of where Pritchard lets the source material take the lead, and unfortunately it’s to his detriment. All misdemeanours are forgiven with the brilliantly titled “Fleet Foxes Friendly Fuckup”, a reimagining of a track by the uncool bearded ones that starts off glitch hop gem and slowly but surely builds up into what can only be described as a thumper. It’s odd in that it’s the only track that would be perfectly suited to a dancefloor, yet remains in style with the rest of Pritchard’s work.

Legendary UK DJ Mary Anne Hobbs described Pritchard as her favourite artist of 2010, and on the strength of “Everything In Between” it’s not hard to see why. It’s quite a hype to live up to, and so far he is. With “Everything In Between” available for free download direct from the artist and with new tracks being released via the usual social networking routes, you’d be a fool not to get on board.

Young Montana? – Everything In Between, reviewed by Lemon on 2011-02-09T15:57:23-08:00 rating 4.0 out of 5

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  • Ben Sommer says:

    Question: is “glitch hop” special characteristic non-use of programmed/midi licks? Screwed up off-kilter rhythms seems to be the thing, and humans vs. tracker or Max/msp seems the way to perform that…

    Suggestion: its touch not having a link or inline media to listen to/watch. I’ve gotta go spelunking for the arts on my own. Keep the eyeballs and ears glued here to your trick-ass blog!

  • Lemon says:

    I literally don’t understand your question, but there is a soundcloud link in the top right corner where you can stream Montana?. It even works on iPhones :]

  • Ben Sommer says:

    Yes I know I’m a REtard