Yacht – See Mystery Lights Yacht – See Mystery Lights

Yacht - See Mystery Lights

Yacht - See Mystery Lights

Comparisons are so unfair.  They really are.  Yet, it’s the first thing anyone wants to do when describing music.   “They totally sound like…” or “Its like a cross between…”.  If I actually had any sort of musical talent and was out there creating music, it would at the very least, annoy me to hear someone I don’t even know compare me to something else they’ve heard.  Or worse, compare me to something they haven’t even heard, but heard someone else compare me to.  It’s the easy way out and it’s total bullshit.   So I feel like a total dick taking the “They sound like…” bait when I first heard that this band Yacht sounded just like LCD Soundsystem.
I don’t remember it that clearly, but I was reading a magazine inside a Walgreens and I came across the standard “music to look out for” section, or whatever it was, and read a quick blurb about Yacht, the next LCD Soundsystem.  I like LCD Soundsystem, I think im going to check them out.

The comparison worked.

Yacht plays catchy electro-dance pop with rhythms that build on one another, and the kind of ambient feel with just enough up-tempo to take you to that special place that happens right after your fourth cocktail on a work night, even though you only went out for “the one”; and you know what, you kinda feel like dancing now.
Fuck. Ok, comparisons work.

Track Listing:
1. Ring The Bell
2. The Afterlife
3. I’m In Love With A Ripper
4. It’s Boring / You Can Live Anywhere You Want
5. Psychic City (Voodoo City)
6. Summer Song
7. We Have All We’ve Ever Wanted
8. Don’t Fight The Darkness
9. I’m In Love With A Ripper (Party Mix)
10. Psychic City (Version)

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