Pics by Ben Irwin
Xiu Xiu @ Church on Your 5-17-14_BI5740
Xiu Xiu @ Church on Your 5-17-14_BI5785
Xiu Xiu @ Church on Your 5-17-14_BI5736

Ed. Note: Here’s a funny story. Years ago, Charles worked with this Virginia scene girl who he totally adored until the one day when she loaned him a Xiu Xiu CD (A Promise, perhaps…dial it back) and inasmuch as he wanted to impress said girl with his immediate love of Jamie Stewart (et al.) and his (their?) polaroid pederast body dysphoria bemoanings and naked schizoid free punk attack on the barest of human pleasures cast to die better, lonely and afraid, he fucking hated it. Hated it so bad he couldn’t get past the third track and refused to listen to the band until the other day when Ben bet him twenty bucks he couldn’t make it all the way through Angel Guts before El Jefe went off and done seen them, returning to the office shaken, stirred with some tall tale about a dildo and a mason jar. Amen to that. Now dig, if you will, his pictures.

Pic gallery : Xiu Xiu @ Church on York

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