WZRD (Kid Cudi + Dot da Genius) – WZRD WZRD (Kid Cudi + Dot da Genius) – WZRD

WZRD (Kid Cudi + Dot da Genius) - WZRD S/T

Ooh ooh ooh! This is exciting. Not the album, of course, but which analogy should I choose to go with to describe how painfully dull WZRD is? WZRD is the rock project from Kid Cudi and producer Dot da Genius – and being the analogy slut that I am, WZRD is like an answered prayer to my Bubbles-like addiction to comparisons; even when I try to get clean, I just can’t quit. Sorry Kima.

Is this album like a breakup after a six-month relationship? No, too cliché, plus the kiddies might not get that six months is just long enough to suck but not long enough for your friends to treat you like a victim of a violent crime. Maybe it’s more like a sad beard; that might work, but I had a four-month sad beard and I actually got laid, so it couldn’t have been that shitty. Maybe it’s more like the Hoover Dam; kinda boring and nothing flows – hiyo! Alright alright, everyone’s a fucking comedian now huh?

The truth about WZRD is that it’s overwhelmingly mediocre in every way. I might even make the argument that the intro song “The Arrival” is the best song. That’s like going to a fancy restaurant and getting an amazing amuse bouche with foie gras and shit, followed by dry ramen and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. In reality, the best song, “Teleport 2 Me, Jamie”, the only track that would actually make one of Cudi’s other albums, actually acts as a respectable pt.2 to the Man on the Moon: End of Day hit “Pursuit of Happiness”. Sadly, “Teleport 2 Me, Jamie” is the only highlight on this neutered, milquetoast version of a Kid Cudi album. The only other noteworthy track on WZRD is the uber-predictable cover of Nirvana’s “Where Did You Sleep Last Night”; which is only worth mentioning because it’s a great song and Kid Cudi and Dot da Genius literally do nothing to change, alter or make the song their own – like going to the frozen yogurt place and not adding toppings.

I hate giving bad reviews, because around this time, where I’ve been talking shit for a good two to three paragraphs, I start thinking about the creative process and all the energy, effort and soul that was put into bringing something to life and I feel like a dick. I can’t do that shit, music out of nothing. All I I got is this pen and my thoughts, but I know Kid Cudi, WZRD, Scott Mescudi; whatever incarnation he chooses to take now or next, is better than this album.

1. The Arrival
2. High Off Life
3. The Dream Time Machine
4. Love Hard
5. Live & Learn
6. Brake
7. Teleport 2 Me, Jamie
8. Where Did You Sleep Last Night?
9. Efflictim
10. Dr. Pill
11. Upper Room

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