Wugazi Releases First Track Wugazi Releases First Track

In this current digital landscape, there are more and more instances of musical upstarts vaulting over everyone’s head to make a spectacular, backboard shattering slam dunk. Last year, the user Shamantis uploaded an 800% slowed down version of Justin Bieber’s “U Smile.” The song was as majestic and ambient as the heavens propelling this soundcloud user to a comfy 15 minutes. Summer seems the time for short MP3 fame bursts as Minneapolis based Wugazi releases the first mashup of Wutang Clan and Fugazi entitled “Sleep Rules Everything Around Me.”

Like most great mash-up, the Wugazi track presents a cohesive fusion between two elements no one really gave thought to combine. Like bananas and peanut butter or applesauce and pancakes these two seemingly different elements collide in an unexpected feat of greatness. If you are adverse to Fugazi, Wu Tang Clan or any combination of the two you probably will not be pleased as well as no longer my friend. The album art possibly promises more tracks with rumors of a mid July release being whispered. The summer is time for free MP3s. Summer is also the time for the synthesis between moody post punk and gritty hip hop.

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