WTF was that? Aleister X premiers new video for “LAX” WTF was that? Aleister X premiers new video for “LAX”

Aleister X, the mysterious white-faced party protege of Andrew W.K., recently released the video for “LAX” (the first from his upcoming Half-Speed Mastered) on Noisey and it’s…um…well, it certainly is, isn’t it? Opening with a pop harmonic theme “We Will Never Die/Way Up High/In The Sky” to the scrolling declaration “ALEISTER X DOES NOT HAVE: HIV/AIDS, HERPES, HEPATITS A, B OR C, CRABS OR ANY OTHER SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASE” over shaky flight control panels before a quick shot of the man, himself in a cloak with a cat, the video quickly spirals into Cockney rhymes, beats, samples, etc. and a whole lot of people, places and things all aesthetically rendered with the half creep giddy wunderkind aesthetics of a young, drugged Harmony Korine.

It’s the best argument for weirdness you’re going to see today.


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