Wolf Parade – Expo 86 Wolf Parade – Expo 86

wolf parade - expo 86

wolf parade - expo 86

This is my plea. Wolf Parade needs to dissemble as a band.  Expo 86 makes that much crystal clear.  This is not because this current release is pitiful, it is quite enjoyable even, but there is a greater picture to be seen.  The two lead men, Spencer Krug and Dan Boeckner, are both very accomplished and have two successful “side projects” to Wolf Parade.  Sunset Rubdown (Krug) and Handsome Furs (Boeckner) have allowed both to discover new territories in different directions.

My theory is Krug and Boeckner could very well abandon Wolf Parade, which feels like more of the actual “side project” after every passing year.  They could do so while still making spectacular albums.  Each lead man had found a bit of a niche sound, Krug far more whimsical than the driving pop Boeckner writes.  Rejoining to collaborate on a Wolf Parade album, both proud men have brought their sound with them.  Alternating leads and sounds on the tracks have put together a good, yet non-cohesive album.  As if to avoid any stepping on toes everything is politely done.

On to the record itself, Expo 86 is titled from the World’s Fair in Vancouver in 1986.  All band members attest to attending.  Aforementioned, the album is good, not great.  There are a handful of good tracks like the disco dance-pop tune “Ghost Pressure” which features dueling vocals on the back end of it.  “In the Direction of the Moon” may be the strongest track coming from Krug containing everything we have come to expect from him, strong song writing and fancy keyboard breakdowns.

Expo 86 is catchy, it is light hearted, but it is just not built as calculated as 2008’s At Mount Zoomer or as full of raw energy as 2005’s Apologies to the Queen Mary.  Though, I am far more inclined to dance around to this output over the previous two.  This world could greatly benefit from an unrestrained Spencer Krug or Dan Boeckner, hopefully they will abide.

Wolf Parade – Expo 86 Track List:

  1. Cloud Shadow on the Mountain
  2. Palm Road
  3. What Did My Lover Say? (It Always Had to Go This Way)
  4. Little Golden Age
  5. In the Direction of the Moon
  6. Ghost Pressure
  7. Pobody’s Nerfect
  8. Two Men in New Tuxedos
  9. Oh You, Old Thing
  10. Yulia
  11. Cave-O-Sapien
Wolf Parade - Expo 86, reviewed by Baer on 2010-07-13T12:51:08-07:00 rating 3.3 out of 5

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