Wolf Eyes – No Answer: Lower Floors Wolf Eyes – No Answer: Lower Floors

WolfEyes_LPFINALIt’s Friday night, 8pm and I’m listening to Wolf Eyes.

This is a bad thing.

If history is any indication, by 9 o’clock, I will be chugging sweet vermouth and translating my sins into their native Enochian. By 10, I’ll have moved on to huffing gasoline. By 11 I will have abandoned all reasonable attachment to love and light as I find myself standing naked in the bathroom and bleeding. I won’t know where the blood is coming from. My rib will be broken. My eyes will be swollen. My heart will pound out a desperate plea for self-preservation but I will ignore that perfunctory impulse and wait, instead, for “the violence.”

Or I won’t

It’s 12:30 in the morning now and I’m rather disappointed to report that though I have committed much of my evening to letting No Answer: Lower Floors worm its sweaty way through the dank recesses of my lizard brain the most self-destructive thing I’ve done tonight is eat some vanilla ice cream.

And I don’t think it’s just me.

True, I’m far less of a slash happy whiskey mess than I was the last time (maybe, of many) I saw Wolf Eyes at the Knitting Factory and became so viscerally entranced with their death pulse howl and rattle hellscape that I started pounding the monitor onto the stage and then everything got fuzzy and when I came to I was in a cab with a friend and an unplayable silk-screened square lathe single picking small shards of glass out of my face…but they’ve changed too.

After years of ape kill chaos delivered at (literally) teeth-shattering volume, Wolf Eyes have returned to wax with a record that is almost shocking in its reservations. The gas chamber bellow of Nate Young is absent as is the band’s degraded feedback waves and wretched metal mechanic scrape and in their place No Answer offers a glacial patience. A plodding, sinister take on sound that slithers through the ashes of the Death Factory with cruel hints of melody and the glazed eyes of a welcoming slave.

It is a bleak fucking record, perhaps Wolf Eyes’ grimmest effort to date and it bears such a resemblance to the album I always wished Throbbing Gristle had made (focused, funkless, recorded outside of a subliminal tin cave) that I would dare call it an homage but I fear No Answer is no passing tribute. It’s a rebirth. The slow groan of a titan, awakening. And though I am worried we’ve heard the last of Wolf Eyes’ power histrionics, the better (or worse, arguably) part of me is breathless.

All hail our loathsome futures.

Now Answer: Lower Floors Tracklist:

1. Choking Files
2. Born Liar
3. No Answer
4. Chattering Lead
5. Confessions of the Informer
6. Warning Sign

Wolf Eyes - No Answer: Lower Floors, reviewed by Charles on 2013-04-17T09:33:54-07:00 rating 4.0 out of 5

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