Wires on Fire RETURN! with “Up Your Sleeve” b/w “Born Dirty to Last Forever” (Stream/Download) Wires on Fire RETURN! with “Up Your Sleeve” b/w “Born Dirty to Last Forever” (Stream/Download)

wiresA decade ago, in the long, long gone waste punk of Southern California, there ran a band of teenage miscreants named Wires on Fire. Hot on the gas-huffing madness of Gravity’s chaos, the meat and pickle slugs of The Jesus Lizard and the riff qua riff monster mash of the bygone fuck van hesher set, the band set out on a blown out bender that lasted a dizzying fist of years. The released an EP called Homewrecker, a S/T full length on the relentless smug master, culture clashers Buddyhead, a few singles, toured, toured, toured and then dissolved into some hugely wildly successful endeavors.

Bassist, Michael Shuman, took up residence with some desert band called Queens of the Stone Age (while also forming Mini Mansions). Drummer, Darren Weiss, got a degree in literature and started the groovy, pregnancy inducing huggers PAPA. Darren’s brother, Evan, got country surf crazy with Slang Chickens. And brothers Weiss both went and joined GIRLS where their presence was so essential that when Christopher Owens took his blonde locks solo, he took the boys too.

But Wires on Fire never went dodo.

No. No.

They just took some time to sleep in different bedrooms but after a wildly successful gig in February (pictures by Ben at the bottom of the page), their preening lust for each other came back in a big way and so then the RAWK and now it is with tremendous pleasure that we take this opportunity to introduce you to the lastest party clang in the band’s oeuvre “Up Your Sleeve” b/w “Born Dirty to Last Forever.” It’s a single, see out today on Psychedelic Judaism and it’s got the jagged pop cum surf punk snuff you’re day has so desperately been requiring. Stream that shit below and do so at maximum volume (anything less makes Froberg cry fire) and when you’ve done so and understand that another day can’t go by without some Wires on Fire in your life, you can download both tracks for free. FREE! RIGHT HERE!

Who needs a beer?

Wires on Fire – “Up Your Sleeve” b/w “Born Dirty to Last Forever”

Wires on Fire – Live @ The Echo – 2.5.13 (photos by Ben Irwin)

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