White Reaper – White Reaper Does It Again White Reaper – White Reaper Does It Again

White Reaper - White Reaper Does It Again (2015)

White Reaper – White Reaper Does It Again (2015)

The sad truth about White Reaper Does It Again is that you’re going to forget it.

Oh, you’ll love it at first if you have any sort of heart for pop or punk or garage or fuzzy days lost in debt to last night’s questionable cul de sac and that love will be white hot with a dumb chlorine glee that will find you blasting this thirty-three minute easy melody machine repeatedly.


Like Pac Man chewing corn.

Until you lose track of what music sounds like. Until all you can do is whistle “Pills” in your sleep to the chagrin of alleycats and the keeners who feed them. Until your teeth feel strange and you understand, completely, that the middling louts hanging out at the bourgeois coffee shop by your “office” would be so much more sex if they were all skateboarding in bikinis (man, woman and beast).

And then you’ll stop.

I’m not sure why, exactly and I don’t mean to suggest that your rabid affection will flip on its head or anything.

It’s just that, like, one day you won’t be able to get enough of White Reaper and then the next day you’ll be on to whatever and then something and so on and so forth, etc. until the name slips right through the cracks of your cooler. And then, maybe one stag (as I have), you’ll find yourself lapping the frenzied edges of the Deep Web and suddenly, somehow, by the graces of electric divinity, some pop up will suggest you watch the teen boy dream of “4th of July” and then you’ll pull back and mumble “Yeah, right. This White Reaper shit is pretty fucking all right” and you’ll fire up that wax cycle right over again.

White Reaper Does It Again Tracklist:
01. Make Me Wanna Die
02. I Don’t Think She Cares
03. Pills
04. On Your Mind
05. Last 4th of July
06. Alone Tonight
07. Candy
08. Sheila
09. Friday the 13th
10. Wolf Trap Hotel
11. Don’t You Think I Know
12. B.T.K.

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