We Were Skeletons – Self Titled We Were Skeletons – Self Titled

We Were Skeletons – We Were Skeletons

We Were Skeletons – We Were Skeletons

Hardcore is dead. It left us ignobly sometime back in ’86 and since then we’ve been forced to watch its soiled effigy get paraded around the locker room of punk rock like a pair of blooded panties by those same slithering meatheads who made our lives hell to begin with.

A bunch of tattooed knuckle draggers swapping nickel similes.

But we have a new violence, now. Raised in the dark alleyways paved by Black Flag and Minor Threat. The fucking BAD BRAINS! Pencil freaks playing until somebody bleeds not from fists but from raw fucking urgency.

It is complicated. It is, at times, unpleasant. Garage virtuosity choking the minutia of form and functionality. Challenging the listener to keep his bones in his skin.

But it is rewarding.

I’m not sure how, just yet. But I can feel it. That same crippling shiver I got the first (and only) time I saw Botch and I just couldn’t believe what the fuck was happening. I couldn’t grasp the torment. The fury. What those four men could do with sound…it was like watching the sun die and raze everything.

I guess this is the phoenix, then. The sound that surpasses understanding. The force that contorts the DNA of every meek son of a bitch to believe that, one day, they can fucking do something great. Inherit the earth if we have to or just piss on the remains.

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