WATERS – Out In The Light WATERS – Out In The Light

WATERS - Out In The Light

Usually I give great care to the type of typographical choices an artist desires for their moniker. This is crucial in writing witch-house reviews and it will make itself apparent with WATERS. I am not yelling merely just repeating the band name. WATERS is the continuation of indie folk group Port O’Brien after their dissolution in 2009. As the story goes, lead singer Van Pierszalowski moved from California to Norway and reinvented himself. This invention came with the collaboration of some Norwegian musicians and a wheelbarrow full of effects pedals. WATERS type choice is fitting as the name change implies an overemphasis on a seemingly calm subject matter.

WATERS, when first approached, may not seem like that much of an innovations. Its blown out sound can be heard in other lo-fi acts including Wavves, Japanadriods and Vivian Girls. However, once acquainted with Pierszalowski’s earlier and more delicate work in Port O’Brien, the transformation is stunning. Pierszalowski also brings melodic hooks and anthems leading to power pop played through broken speakers.

Out of Light was released in September of 2011 and even as I am typing this sentence seems like a grave injustice it did not end up somewhere in a year end list. The album litters itself with memorable and instant winners which dress themselves up like timeless classics. The opener “For the One” has a confetti like quality while “If I Run” feels like a small town classic no one has heard yet. As someone who did not really enjoy Port O’Brien as he should, WATERS feels bursting with opportunity with a future bright with optimism.

If you were only going to get one power album from the ashes of an indie folk group please make it WATERS. I understand my typing may seem like I am briefly screaming in a small quiet room yet the puncuating quality of the name and the music is endearing. WATERS!

1. For The One
2. O Holy Break Of Day
3. Out In The Light
4. Back To You
5. Ones You Had Before
7. Abridge My Love
8. If I Run
9. Take Me Out To The Coast
10. San Francisco
11. Mickey Mantle

WATERS - Out In The Light, reviewed by Kaptain Carbon on 2012-01-23T15:42:49-08:00 rating 3.7 out of 5

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