WATCH! Wussy Ripple Rock Space Time in “Dropping Houses” WATCH! Wussy Ripple Rock Space Time in “Dropping Houses”

Goddamnit, I love you Wussy and I have since – somehow – “Maglite” somehow found its way into my frontal lobe a couple years ago and then, not so soon thereafter, the …Popular Favorites remix became the only thing that could get me out of the house on any given workaday and I imagine I will long after you’ve undone and Chuck Cleaver’s gone on to the big sky rolling or started another band with a cringe-worthy, albeit unforgettable moniker (ASS PONYS 4 LIFE!) so it is with great pleasure that I share the clip for “Dropping Houses” (the first single from Forever Sounds out 3/4 via Shake It) which is just the finest little pop psychedelic humdinger I’ve heard in, at least, a year if not more…way more…like, I haven’t heard a song that plumbs the depths of nervous American wax like this beefy jam since “Finest Worksong” and that shit was a goddamn cultural revelation. Please dig below. Rockit.

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