WATCH! Two Gallants Animated, Empowering Skulls in “Incidental” WATCH! Two Gallants Animated, Empowering Skulls in “Incidental”

How the hell do I keep forgetting to listen to Two Gallants ALL THE TIME?!?! Seriously. I’d dismissed them for years then was floored by their show at Baby’s a few weeks ago, and so vowed to get all up in the TG kick if it’s the last thing I did which, evidently, it is because my ass was all caught off with a different mood ring when the band’s new clip for “Incidental” fell into my lap and I remembered I was a fool. A DAMN FOOL! Because this song rules with it’s it dirty heart and bashing pop take on humble devastation and the clip is a trick on metamorphosis that owes as much to Lego hacks as it does to Life or Risk and this might just be the fever talking but the gold skull emergence made me weep just a little bit and you, of course, can see it all below and then get your ass to one of the band’s upcoming shows in Europe or back in the good old US of A. Rockit.

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