Watch Tree Get Creepy with “Demons” Watch Tree Get Creepy with “Demons”

I don’t know who Tree is but I think that he’s from Santa Cruz. His real name might be Nick. He may or may not be part of a California artists collective from which his moniker is derived (think A$AP or Ramone). What I do know is that he makes some seriously sensual and utterly unnerving tracks with friends whose beats harken back to the days when Trip Hop seemed like such a vital and menacing force but with considerably less UK dirt on the surface. He also opines in spoken word. It’s good. It’s odd. It’s everything you need to stay up inside all night just to hide from the bane of summertime. Below’s his video for the title track of his new EP, Demons which features Beat Culture and Lena Kuhn and a girl wandering around an old house lighting candles and skulls and playing the glum sideshow of uncertain possession. Dig.

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