WATCH! the Public Access Prismatics of YOU.’s “Feral” WATCH! the Public Access Prismatics of YOU.’s “Feral”

Oh the young nights this man spent glued to public access channels, devouring the mayhem, misery and cracked fucking action freakouts like Madame Chao’s and the Ladybird Show. Weirdness abounded hard in this town once and it was a glorious thing to behold (if every now and then with terror) and it warms my ash worn cockles to know that there are cats like YOU. up and at it with the crude loop viscera. It helps like hell that they throw it over a rumbletin, downtime banger like “Feral” (off Sunchaser due 8.26 via the ever inimitable DAIS). So go on and get got down, kids. The evening’s fleeting. TV PARTY FOREVER IN THe MEGABLASTER ENGAGE!

YOU. “Feral” from Scott Kiernan on Vimeo.

YOU. Tour Dates:

8/21 – Atlanta, GA – Nonis *
8/22 – New Orleans, LA – The Saint **
8/23 – Austin, TX – Sect One $
8/25 – Denton, TX – Rubber Gloves
8/28 – Chicago, Il – Burlington Bar
8/29 – Detroit, MI – Division Gallery
9/9 – Brooklyn, NY – Palisades #
10/8 – New York, NY – Nothing Changes
(* w/ Death Domain)
(** w/ Kindest Lines)
(# w/ Starred)
($ w/ Total Abuse)

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