Watch The Lonely Island’s New Single “YOLO” Watch The Lonely Island’s New Single “YOLO”

The-Lonely-Island-YOLOWatch the comedy troupe gear up for their third album with a single that boasts high production and below average writing with some cameos which took up probably most of its budget. Listen, that was harsh. Personally, I have always been a fan of The Lonely Island and found their earlier work hilarious when the idea of comedy rap wasn’t funny at all. Over the years however, the group has surrendered well thought out jokes for pop culture cameos which are intended to be the joke itself.I am a snob when it comes to novelty hip hop. I could be wrong however and their as of yet untitled album could be as funny as the demos which came out before their debut. Again, comedy hip hop snob. I will wait for the new album to turn up my big nose attached to the glasses and eyebrows.

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