WATCH! the Druggy Buggy Bended Twitch of Bichkraft’s “A4” WATCH! the Druggy Buggy Bended Twitch of Bichkraft’s “A4”

So, the best part about the first time I did acid was when I made a bunch of dudes stand around a shitty boombox and listen to “War Ensemble” for either an hour or ten minutes or whatever until I was done. The worst part was when it was 7am and every time I closed my eyes I saw a thousand staring back and my (not) girlfriend at the time wouldn’t stop chewing her lip ring and my best friend (then) went from mocking my trip to going on and on and one about his impotence and late adolescent bed-wetting. Somewhere in between those poles, I sat with a dude we called “Mission Man” while he wrote his girlfriend a deeply personal essay on who he was and why they matter in blue ink circles and wine stains because, of course he did and so did I. Some decades later, we have Bichkraft and “A4” off of Mascot and I guess they’re from Kiev and I am never doing acid again although my reasons are thoroughly unrelated. Rockit.

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