WATCH! the Aching, Beautiful End of String in James’ “Moving On” WATCH! the Aching, Beautiful End of String in James’ “Moving On”

Though I did not cry while watching James‘ new video for “Moving On” (created by the renowned writer/director/animator Ainslie Henderson) I came close. Very, very close. About as close as I did the other day when I made the mistake of watching the video of an old man, dying find his voice for a beloved canine at the beery crest of Saturday’s last happy hour. I certainly got misty, loosed a little gasp and sighed a warming sigh, signifying that all the tragedy in our life and times will – ultimately – help set the cosmic pattern right.

Seriously, though…this video is fucking beautiful. Painstakingly crafted with love and care and some extraordinary talent to complement a song (from the upcoming Le Petit Mort) which is tender and gleeful and effortlessly affecting.

I’ve said too much.

Just listen, watch, weep and love.


3 Responses about “WATCH! the Aching, Beautiful End of String in James’ “Moving On””

  • Mario says:

    Great Song!!! Nice video!!! Also I had the same feelings!!!

  • Melissa says:

    I finally understand why this video moves me to tears every time I watch it.

    I’m going to have to be moving on soon, waiting for someone to leave a little light on for me. And, I’m not ready…much like the yarn that, as painful as it is to accept…must move on.