Watch Tango in the Attic’s New Clip for “Sellotape” Watch Tango in the Attic’s New Clip for “Sellotape”

tangoCRAP! I knew there was something else I wanted to do at SXSW this year and from the looks of Tango in the Attic‘s tumblr I totally could have had I not been such a friggin’ spazz because this lo-fi slop pop good times gone the way of a young lovers at sunset played right friggin’ after my new Glasgow faves PAWS. DAMNIT! Oh well. Perhaps there’ll be another time when I’m not so blind and brimming terrified of 70,000 bodies all congregated in Tejas. At least, they’ve got a new EP coming out. It’s called Crushed and it’s even got a fuzzy wuzzy spring drift vaseline vid to go along with its lead track “Sellotape” (which also happens to be the name of the band’s last LP). You can check that clip out below and then send them love letters because it would appear they’ve shared a real world address on Facebook. And who doesn’t like mail?

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