WATCH! Pale Gone Static Operatic Weird in Rind’s New “Understudy” WATCH! Pale Gone Static Operatic Weird in Rind’s New “Understudy”

Back when I was a teenage kick coming off the punk trip, I stumbled onto something called The Industrial Culture Handbook and in no short order my life was changed forever. I highly recommend the tome and any/all RE/Search Publications as delectable, often unbelievable treaties on the true joy terror of the once endless underground as bleeding cross on which could hang the profanities of fine art tied to the giggling corpse of conceived self. Good, bad times forever. Anyway, from that canon could easily come the trawling anxiety of Rind (Lee Relvas), an LA transplant (by way of the windy) who shift pitches between operatic training and the pulse point of oodling noise. This here’s a video she made for “Understudy” (off an EP of the same name) which plays the dead-eye, naked static nightmare of intimacy like nobody’s business, baby while the track’s half Diamanda huffing The Knife in the dumpster behind the Korean button-stealing cleaners. Enjoy!

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