WATCH! Mt. Eerie Swirl a Daze of Dark Wonder in “THIS” WATCH! Mt. Eerie Swirl a Daze of Dark Wonder in “THIS”

I am quietly convinced that Phil Elverum makes the best damn nachos on the Western seaboard. Not sure why. Something to do with a man so sonically tenured in weirdo glooms (Mt. Eerie’s Pre-Human Ideas being on of the best goddamn records I will never listen to again) needing to know the finer points of bar food or something. I don’t know. But sometimes I think of him in a dusty beard and beloved robe watching old Seahawks tapes over a Meister Brau with his lady before a big heaping plate of nachos and also there’s a dog, of course and you know damn well that’s some true blue American bliss right there and I want it for me one day but, in the meantime, I’ll have to settle for my Bud and the promise of Sauna which I think has something to do with Vikings or Nords or the unfathomable woe of being whole and is due out 2/3 on P.W. Elverum and Sun and below you’ll find a video for the first track shared in toto, “THIS.” It’s bleak, dreamy bliss. Rockit.

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