Watch Merchandise’s New Short Film “Rush of Blood” Watch Merchandise’s New Short Film “Rush of Blood”

MerchandiseSo, of course, I missed the Merchandise NYC gigs this weekend because it appears to be my lot in life to never see this fucking band live no matter how many times they play within a few skips of my zip code but, at least, this time I had an excuse. I had the Puerto Rican flu, baby. I caught it from my lady who caught it on a plane back from her first vacation in ages which shouldn’t really mean all that much to you except to give context for the five days I’ve spent living in a feverish half-dream soaking up pixelated cathodes for the sake of a cinematic vocabulary including (but certainly not limited to) Merchandise’s first formal foray into the world of short film, “Rush of Blood.” Considered a companion piece to the band’s recent Total Nite, “Rush of Blood,” according to mouthman Carson Cox, “is an attempt at carrying over visual themes explored on the record (anxiety, mental fog, the elephant in the room). It was shot and edited in a style that is meant to reveal something to the viewer by its invisibility and hidden meaning.” I’m not really sure what that means but there’s a gun in the film and Cox gets his head shaved so it serves as sufficient metaphor for Monday morning coffee.

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