Watch: Dads New Anti-Video for “Invisible Blouse” Watch: Dads New Anti-Video for “Invisible Blouse”

Oh, Dads. Whatever am I going to do with you? I mean, I love your fuzz crunch “nothing for no one” sound and appreciate how it’s warped and rounded from the dumb luck crazers of your Kartoga Works 7″ through to Brown on Brown and it sure is keen of Wharf Cat to rerelease Invisible Blouse (which, sadly, is the one release I didn’t nab back in my Vassalotti vinyl binge though we did feature the track on a TET back in April, 2012) but the video you’ve released for the titular track is just…I don’t know. So SO, you know? And though, I must admit inlaying dark footage of some something either Christian or Club Fuck that may or may not be you performing as a PIP (do TVs even do that anymore?) over a fucking cow just lying there being bovine is pretty funny and certainly plays up your swamp cargo aesthetic on the whole, it’s just…yeah…it sure is, isn’t it? And so, it’s below and you here is where you can buy that choice mofo.

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