WATCH! Bully Rock the Bolts Off a Rotor Ride in “Trying” WATCH! Bully Rock the Bolts Off a Rotor Ride in “Trying”

Oh, man. I remember this one summer in Maine, my girlfriend’s little brother convinced her and and I to get on a rotor ride at some dumpster fire of an amusement park by the shore. They called it the GRAVITRON! and it was pretty much totally terrifying (though not near as injurious as the Steeplechase in Blackpool) and I’m pretty sure my girlfriend puked and I may have passed out watching children screaming upside down while carnies chuckled and, yeah…she definitely puked but still it’s a bummer to learn that there are only 4 left in the US. I’m glad Bully got to ride one. Hell, I’m glad Bully anything at all and you will be too when the band drops their shit sure solid pop and growl debut, Feels Like in two weeks via Startime International (get your colored wax here) and everyone gets all lip-ringed loony for the Nashville bangers. For now, though, just dig on “Trying” and go see the band erupt live. Full dates follow the video. Rockit.

Bully Tour Dates:
#w/ Best Coast
Jun 09: Waiting Room – Omaha, NE#
Jun 10: The Ready Room – St. Louis, MO
Jun 12: Paradise – Boston, MA#
Jun 13: Northside Fest – Brooklyn, NY
Jun 14: Union Transfer – Philadelphia, PA#
Jun 16: 930 Club – Washington DC#
Jun 17-19: Pitchfork Music Festival – Chicago, IL
Jun 18: Newport Music Hall – Columbus, OH#
Jun 19: Majestic – Detroit, MI#
Jun 20: The Bishop – Bloomington, IN
Jul 17-20: Pitchfork Music Festival – Chicago, IL
Jul 31: Lollapalooza – Chicago, IL
Aug 28: Ni-Fi Festival – Sparta, KY

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