Washed Out – High Times Washed Out – High Times

Washed Out - High Times

Washed Out - High Times

Washed Out is the solo project of multi instrumentalist Ernest Greene, and boy, did he pick a suitable name for himself. Washed Out is exactly the moniker that should be accompanying these blissfully lazy and chilled out slivers. Lasting a smudge under 20 minutes, High Times is a wonderfully hazy lull into Winter evenings with the fire burning, the heating cranked up or, personally speaking, wearing another layer of clothing.

Whilst you’d probably be right in assuming that these were songs (I use the term lightly, some are, some are just segue ways into the next delightfully wishy washy haze) were meant primarily for the summertime, their relative ambiguity is what makes them great. Tracks like opener “Belong” and “Phone Call” take influence from current artists like jj and Neon Indian, yet prime example “It’s Kate’s Birthday” sounds like it was pinched directly from Oceans 11 or 13 (There was no 12).

For songs so brief it’s a wonder that they sound so fully formed. “Olivia” rides on wonky synths and naff electronic drum beats, but the warbly vocals that taunt by being nearly decipherable convey some actual emotion, even if you’re not quite sure what it is.

Brief snippet “You Will Be Sad” again flirts with the casino job done wrong soundtracking, before confident closer “Yeah” takes over, impressively standing somewhere between aforementioned Oceans 11 soundtrack artist David Holmes and The Avalanches. It displays brilliantly the endearing quality of High Times; a lot of these songs will sound familiar, yet their hidden depths and sounds that only reveal themselves after several listens will ensure that it is anything but a boring listen.

There isn’t really much wrong with this record, save for the fact that it was released on cassette only. One can only hope that those in need of backing music for their chilled nights in or casino heists have the wisdom to seek out lesser known artists such as Washed Out.

Track Listing:
1. Belong
2. Good Luck
3. Phone Call
4. Olivia
5. Clap Intro
6. Luck
7. It’s Kate’s Birthday
8. You Will Be Sad
9. Yeah

Washed Out - High Times, reviewed by Lemon on 2009-11-03T15:07:09-08:00 rating 4.0 out of 5

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