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Walk the Moon, the band to know this summer, boosts your energy and transports you to a playfully painted indie-rock world. This quartet from Cincinnati, Ohio has been touring around the country popping up on David Letterman and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Not to mention, their most popular song, “Anna Sun”, appearing in the third season’s first episode of Vampire Diaries. Coupled with bands like Weezer, Panic at the Disco, and Young the Giant, this vibrant band is on the move and ready to get your summer party popping!

Not having heard them before, I was reluctant to listen to a song titled “Quesadilla”. But with an electrifying synthesized piano leading into the first battering of the drum, I was hooked even before the melody rolled in. Then in comes Nicholas Petricca’s appealing and vibrantly up-beat voice that blends fittingly with the bright synths and catchy beat. Third on the album, “Next in Line” begins with gentle club-like background that smoothly laps up against the melody until it sets fire to the storming chorus and pounding guitar. Only getting started, the next song “Anna Sun” is equally attractive, and definitely one of my favorites on the album. “What can I say? This house is falling apart. We got no money, but we got heart. We’re gonna rattle this ghost town,” brings back the crazy fun and ridiculous lifestyle many left behind after their college years. It makes me wanna grab a drink, and jump up and down just to make the floor bow and bend all over again.

Changing it up, “Iscariot” is both slow and intense. Pushing focus on the words and vocals, this song differs from anything else on the album. Their lyrics are powerful and emoting when they sing, “That’s what you want, but it’s not what you’re asking for.” and, “You know you had it coming my friend, my friend.” The genuine emotion emanating from Nicholas Petricca’s voice moves me, especially with the harmonies strengthening each note. But quick to rekindle the playful mood, “Fixin’” gradually brings the party back to life with its playful rhythm and contagious melody.

And there you have it; Walk the Moon is ready and willing to keep your summer hot bringing in bright melodies and a reason to dance. They will be featured in festivals all summer long including the Firefly Music Festival in Delaware and Highland Bowl Concert Series for those friends in Rochester, New York. So if you haven’t already, grab some vividly colored paint and speckle your face with it, because here comes Walk the Moon.


1.) Quesadilla
2.) Lisa Baby
3.) Next In Line
4.) Anna Sun
5.) Tightrope
6.) Jenny
7.) Shiver Shiver
8.) Lions
9.) Iscariot
10.) Fixin’
11.) I Can Lift A Car

Walk the Moon - Walk the Moon, reviewed by Alana Paige on 2012-06-29T11:02:14-07:00 rating 4.0 out of 5

4 Responses about “Walk the Moon – Walk the Moon”

  • Anonymous says:

    Absolutely great album, right down the its artwork!! I like how they’re just an all-around fun band…they even created an “apartment party” playlist lol http://songza.com/listen/walk-the-moon-s-apartment-party-WalkTheMoon/

  • Jen says:

    Yes, this album is the best thing I’ve heard all summer! Anna Sun, Next in Line, Iscariot, I Can Lift A Car…they’re all such great summer jams. So glad these guys are the featured artist for VEVO Lift. More exclusive content! http://vevo.ly/KZBxqt

  • Sara M says:

    I love these guys. I was hooked with Anna Sun, then I saw them live, then I heard their whole album… needless to say I’m now a loyal fan. So excited they’ve been named VEVO’s Lift Artist! Well deserved.

  • tanya says:

    I heard one song and i absolutely fell in love with them bought there album and now showing it to everyone! they are an amazing band i love Nicholas Petricca he has such a beautiful voice!!