Video: YACHT on Vice’s Video: YACHT on Vice’s

Every Friday my friend Lindsey and I send each other links from Vice’s Do’s and Don’t’s section; trying to out-gross one another with whatever random weird nipple pic or ass-to-mouth commentary we can find in Vice’s infamous archives. From my guesstimation, this Friday afternoon tradition has wasted thousands of corporate dollars – and I gotta say, that thought makes me damn proud.

Here’s another time-waster brought to you by the good people at Vice.
Watch League of Two: YACHT–3/league-of-two-yacht–2

One Response about “Video: YACHT on Vice’s”

  • Ben Sommer says:

    I hate ass-to-mouth.

    Was she making the following analogies and statements?

    [We are ]”darwinian”

    “Evolutionary Entities”

    “Net Natives”

    Musicians should not talk.