Video: Rachel Fannan – Welcome to the West Session Video: Rachel Fannan – Welcome to the West Session

Rachel Fannan has been echoing a mezzo mournful, massive romantic sound up and down California’s faults (and beyond) for years now in styles that range from the pyschedelic to the folkish to the poplist to the desert blues-wise balladeering that lives in the beloved tremolo lines of a well-worn road guitar.

Suffice it to say, we at Pinpoint adore her.

In the soft, cool days before Christmas, she settled down in the renowned studios of Black Iris with Brandon Intelligator of fellow Pinpoint favorites Slang Chickens to record a haunting duet of the track “Let Me Sing You Love Songs” for Canada’s beautiful and burgeoning Black and White “secretive” series Welcome to the West.

It is a gorgeous clip and pitch perfect song for drying tears in the Los Angeles sun.


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