Video: Major Lazer – Percolator Video: Major Lazer – Percolator

Back in college when I’d be up till all hours of the night not getting laid, I would watch Comedy Central for like, a month straight because it was the first time I had “the good cable”. Some weird shit would come on every once in a while but it was usually all entertaining enough. I particularly got a kick out of the random stoner cartoons on that show TV Funhouse.

For whatever reason, I seem to often reference one of the cartoons called “The Immigrant, The Baby and The Guy on Mushrooms”; where they’d show some random thing like a shiny CD or something to an immigrant, a baby and a guy on mushrooms and they’d all make the same stupid cooing sound. And I’d laugh, because it had become abundantly clear that immigrants, babies and guys on mushrooms are equally as idiotic. I liked that.

This video reminds me of that.

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