Video: Kanye West – Monster ft Rick Ross, Jay-Z Video: Kanye West – Monster ft Rick Ross, Jay-Z

It’s not the least bit believable to me that any cut of a Kanye West video could be leaked without bodies turning up. Also it’s on YouTube, and they would have pulled this down in 12 seconds if it was truly a leak. None the less this video is badass and makes me want to add extra zippers to a red jacket and do thriller dance moves.

2 Responses about “Video: Kanye West – Monster ft Rick Ross, Jay-Z”

  • Anonymous says:

    Definitely not the final cut. You can see the Getty Images super at 2:25. Heads are gonna role.

  • Ben says:

    Ya that was an oversight at best, fixed it. I’m perplexed by youtube keeping this up unless the label intentionally “leaked this”.

    It’s just a little to neat for me. First they released a 40 second preview, then a little later a lo-def leak. There are some obvious things like the head towards the end that will be replaced.

    So what makes you say Getty Images? Are you familiar with their watermark?