Video: Danny Brown – “Monopoly” Video: Danny Brown – “Monopoly”

Coming out and saying it, Danny Brown was the best thing that happened in hip hop this year. His frantic, nervous, wierdo-savant style was the most genuine thing I heard in hip hop all year.

And to all you near-sighted phonies still wearing throwbacks lookin’ like you stole your big brother’s football jersey, stop hating on the hair, the dude’s got style for days.

Danny Brown in an interview with Rolling Stone:
“Guys in my neighborhood don’t listen to my music,” says Brown. “They don’t have computers. They’re not on the Internet like that, you know? To them it’s just Rick Ross and whatever goes on the radio.” Not that he’s complaining or anything. “I love it!” he adds. “I feel like a ninja or something, because I can still be on my porch drinking 40s. I’m still Daniel.”

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