Victor! Fix the Sun – Person, Place or Thing Victor! Fix the Sun – Person, Place or Thing

Victor! Fix the Sun – Person, Place or Thing

Victor! Fix the Sun – Person, Place or Thing

This is compulsive listening. Good, I guess. Fucking great? I can’t really say. I’m still too embedded. Too fucking dependent. I’ve blown through a dozen records twice as many days trying to make my way out of its fucking grip but I keep coming back. I keep replaying it. I just…can’t…STOP!

It’s the fucking Navidson Reccord.

And I’m Johnny, batshit, trying to piece together a dead narrative only to have the walls close in on the hallway inches before Will can make it home again.

(• • • — — — • • •)

He’s dead. He’s fake, I know. A mannequin crack that never was and never will be so I should just move on. Out of these woods and into the sun where I can burn up as an ark. A pyramid seen from Lake Michigan and lost in Mother’s book.


This record’s consumed me. Left me an inchoate ass chewing blue fingertips. Twitching. Grinning inexplicably as my brain paints the monument a crystal death before I even make it on the train and then the shufflers mistake me for a ward of the state. Shift inches away. Shirk eye contact as I nod and tap, still waiting for the chorus after another hour lost in repetition but it never comes.


The same major/minor math screaming matched in Seventies riffs tit for lovely soft and bearded tit odd time signatures that started this fucking thing fucking finish it and in between there’s some singing. There’s a fit of applause. Two? I don’t know.

I don’t know anything anymore.

But you need to hear this record. You need to get it away from me. Bury it deep in your idle collection and watch the wax you loved so dearly once cave in horror at the event horizon.

Up the acme to the denouement.

You’re fucked.

Victor! Fix the Sun – Person, Place or Thing, reviewed by Charles on 2010-03-03T12:08:03-08:00 rating 4.0 out of 5

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