Veruca Salt / The Muffs @ El Rey Theater – 7.11.15 Veruca Salt / The Muffs @ El Rey Theater – 7.11.15


Ed. Note: Has it really been twenty years since I saw Veruca Salt at The Academy? Holy shit, it must be. That was a weird gig, man. The band called all the boys in the crowd “savages…GODDAMN SAVAGES!” for moshing (because, you know, that’s just kinda what you did at the time) and then handed out calla lilies to the girls in the front with apologies. When the band finally did play “Seether,” they did so with visible contempt and – in retrospect – I can’t really say as I blame them. Dudes are always dumb but we were decidedly dumber then.

I actually think I saw The Muffs that same year or maybe the next. I’m not really sure but I remember it was some mid-90s August at Coney Island High and the gig was so goddamn sweltering I puked on myself at the end of the set at which point someone picked me up crying out “I GOT YOU FRESH PRINCE! I GOT YOU!” and bulldozed my ass to the bathroom “YOU GONNA BE ALL RIGHT FRESH PRINCE! I GOT YOU!” After the gig I met some young punks outside Trash & Vaudeville who gave me a torn up Creepshow shirt to replace the oversized Pilobolus one I’d ruined.

I still have it.

At the time I didn’t think the Muffs were that good. I thought they were wasted but they might have just been playing Valley shambolic. Whatever the case, they played “Lucky Guy” twice in a row which was confusing but also pretty cool because that song fucking RULES!

Anyway, last weekend El Jefe caught both bands play the El Rey because both bands have new (ish) records out and that is a good, good thing because if there were ever two bands that deserve way more respect than they got in their heyday as bottle-snapping, totally shitless rock and roll overs, its Veruca Salt and The Muffs.

Now please dig, if you will, his pictures.

I (heart) you, Kim Shattuck.

Veruca Salt

The Muffs

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