Vance Joy / Jaymes Young @ Emo’s – 10.18.14 Vance Joy / Jaymes Young @ Emo’s – 10.18.14


Ed. Note: “Riptide,” man. Riptide. You know you’ve got the chops to make the masses melt when Taylor Swift’s copping your jam on the BBC and even Charles has to pause from usual elan-popping snarl to consider that, perhaps, the uke’s a valuable instrument yet. But the man’s not just all charm and epic single-swilling success. There’s a tender hope in vagabond nature weaving its way in and out of the tracks that make Dream Your Life Away such a lovely piece of laid-back denim daydream. Young man Jaymes is not too far off in his tenor though where Mr. Joy plays up a certain Woody bum boyfriend affluence, Mr. Young flirts with the errant poetry of R&B which works in a way your girlfriend will surely wish you would just once and then forever. It was one hell of a double bill, then, come through Emo’s last Saturday night. Maggie was there, of course. All bells and sash and lens and provided us with the following evidence of the love song singers of the year. And, yes, we’re a little jealous here in the office, but whatever. We can find our hearts uplifted anytime! Ahem. Forgive me. I’ve been cutting onions all day and my allergies are gone crazy and…sniff…SHUT UP, OKAY! Just dig, if you will, her pictures.

Jaymes Young

Vance Joy

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