V.A. – Hyperdub 5: Five Years Of Hyperdub V.A. – Hyperdub 5: Five Years Of Hyperdub

V.A. - Hyperdub 5: Five Years Of Hyperdub

V.A. - Hyperdub 5: Five Years Of Hyperdub

To celebrate the fifth birthday of Steve Goodman’s forward thinking Electronic label, Hyperdub, Mr Goodman has put together a 2 disc collection of tunes both old, rare and new. With the Hyperdub 5: Five Years Of Hyperdub compilation we’re treated to some of the biggest names and freshest producers covering the most important of bass-centric music. Working from the very beginning of Hyperdub starting with Goodman’s first releases under the Kode9 alias and, of course, the highly revered Burial, there’s certainly a comprehensive selection clearly showing the history of the label and their desire to keep to the front of the pack.

The first disc is all about the new music. The most exciting tracks of the year are found here with the likes of the unreleased Burial tune ‘Fostercare’ which is, without being biased towards my man Will Bevan, one of the best individual songs of the year. While it’s still a typical Burial composition in terms of aesthetics, it’s a much more finely worked effort. With constantly rolling sub bass and all but destroyed heady samples, you can’t help but fall in love with that Burial sound.

There’s also a brand new joint from Flying Lotus titled ‘Disco Balls’ which is the most fun sounding song he’s produced since his Warp debut Reset EP, also appearing to be the most tuneful song he’s created to date. Mala treats us to his hotly anticipated ‘Level Nine’ as well as their being new work from Darkstar, Martyn, Joker & Ginz and Cooley G. There isn’t a boring moment on the New tunes disc.

The second disc is more of a history of the Hyperdub label with some of the older, out of print material available from the first time on CD. Burial’s haunting debut ‘South London Buroughs’ is here as well as his ‘Distant Lights’, the perfect song to wander around London at night, which seems to have been all but forgotten in the face of his ’07 masterpiece Untrue.

Kode9’s finest work ‘9 Samurai’ is also featured along L.V.’s hearty dubbed out ‘Globetrotting’ with the incredible Errol Bellot. Last years fun time classic ‘Need You’ from Darkstar is present, still retaining it’s awesome danceability. The icing on the second disc is really Joker’s ‘Digidesign’ which has been creating a lot of excitement circling the rise in the purple sound. Those gargly underwater arpeggios and gargantuan kick drum sounds added to layer upon layer of incredible synths make for one hell of a track! Joker is definitely one to watch.

Hyperdub 5 isn’t just a collection for completists or for recent Dubstep listeners. It’s a great collection of music for anyone. With music so diverse and enjoyable, you’d be hard pressed to not find a decent song on either disc. And while it is great as a document to catalogue the most important underground Electronic music of this decade, it’s easy enough for the casual listener to pick up and get into one of my favourite record labels.

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