Unreleased Daft Punk Track “Drive” Unreleased Daft Punk Track “Drive”

Daft Punk in the 90’s was slightly different than the robotic duo we know today. Before Tron, before the robot personas, Daft Punk was two french dudes making slightly caustic house music. Soma Records has announced the release of their 20 year anniversary project which of course includes multiple mixes and DJ sets from veteran artists. Front loading this triple CD release is an unreleased track from Daft Punk written at the same time as their New Wave demo. For those of you used to futuristic french electro, early Daft Punk might be a bit of a change. While still progressive, the early roots of this duo were firmly planted in bass heavy house and rave music. The quality of the release is debatable as it is wholly unrefined compared to their Homework debut. Still though, the track is gaining attention from Daft Punk completists and anyone who is drawn to the term “unreleased.” Below is the full track for the Soma release available the 20th of Septemeber.

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