Twelve Foot Ninja @ The Fillmore – 12.16.14 Twelve Foot Ninja @ The Fillmore – 12.16.14

Twelve Foot Ninja

Ed. Note: Remember when ninjas were the shit? Not, like, in the last shogunate or nothin’ but when the Americas got their brains all fiery for the REAL ULTIMATE POWER and there wasn’t a pirate left alive? That was awesome. I think I’ve still got a couple shurikens hidden strategically around the apartment just in case shit goes DOWN again because you never know, man. You just never know. Melbourne does, I guess, though because they’ve taken to raising twelve-footers from the poison brush and taught them to play the maximum rock and roll so as to better cover up their seriously slick assassination sets. Total badass, man. Todd Sipes can attest. He caught their grand emissaries in blast-first action just before Xmas came in and enveloped us all in the cold sweats of meat fests and barely escaped with his body in tact. Now dig, if you will, his pictures.

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