Tu Fawning – A Monument Tu Fawning – A Monument

I have never heard of Tu Fawning before our wonderful editor Ben shared one of their videos. I have never heard of 31 Knots nor realized their members did other projects. I was unaware of Tu Fawning’s first record which was released to mixed reviews. This band’s existence could have passed without a moments notice. I have other things which I need to be worried about. I have Maryland Deathfest to prepare for and Charles has not been seen for days after the foiled heist in Budapest. Some say he has absconded to Damascus and was seen in a caravan heading westward. For now, I am thankful Tu Fawning was brought to my attention as its quality far outweighs its potential to be ignored.

At times, I feel like my enjoyment for A Monument comes in the absence left behind by Beach House, Esben and the Witch, and Chromatics. Here is another female fronted indie rock outfit which sounds like the slow thaw of Spring. Like the months of May, there is majestic wonder which melts in torrents yet mixed with the haunting chill of winter. It has been done before and intellectually I feel no need for it to be done again. This, however, is not the case. Tu Fawning should not be thought of as a clone of previous acts rather its own autonomous entity which has come to produce a record of unspeakable beauty.

The highlight through all Tu Fawning records is Corrina Repp’s narcotic vocals which slowly weave patterns around complex arrangements. Compared to 2010’s Hearts on Hold, A Monument is ten times more focused with at least a dozen points of discussion. Where dark swampy melodies once were obscured by the fog of noise and distortion, A Monument stands sober and ready to embrace the same dark bog with clarity. One of the most noticeable difference is a commanding use of percussion. In what appears to be a simple drum kit combined with an array of hand percussion, A Monument shines when driven by minimal yet thundering drumbeats. It is the sound of doom, of life, and of monumental change.

There are many things which make A Monument an enjoyable record. The singles from the album like “Anchor” and “Blood Stains” are fronted as to pull in the listener past the 15 percent mark. But beyond that ten minutes, it is structure and cohesion which are impressive and ultimately rewarding. The space between “Pose for No One” and “To Break Into” is marked by slow crawling ballads which have little discernible difference. The fact that each of these tracks makes an emotional impact is surprising as well as entertaining.

I hope my embrace of this record will open a new level of friendship between Ben and myself. A Monument has been playing more times than the most recent records from Beach House, Chromatics and Esben and the Witch combined. I believe I have found a champion to call upon in the arena of dark NPR indie folk. Somewhere between Poe and Lovecraft lies Tu Fawning and their greatest hour. While things seem mild mannered there are undercurrents of harrowing melancholia — ones that would rival some of my metal records. It is also important to note those same records now sit upon Ben’s doorstep. I have initiated an album exchange and it is now my move.

Tu Fawning has always been a very visual band. All of their members look very interesting and possess the right amount of demeanor and beauty. Promotional photography for this band must be increasingly simple to do as each of the members is photogenic and striking. I want to take all of the to prom. The video for “Anchor” is easy as it shows nature shots combined with lip synching. Sure, this sounds cheesy and terrible until watching it with uncontrollable silence. I have no idea what is going on in this video but I believe every second of it. It calms my fits of rage when I think of the satchel of diamonds which now lays in the hands of that yellow bellied snake merchant. Charles and his band of midnight thieves have their day coming.

1. Anchor
2. Blood Stains
3. Wager
4. A Pose For No One
5. Build A Great Cliff
6. Skin And Bone
7. In The Center Of Powder White
8. To Break Into
9. Bones

Tu Fawning - A Monument, reviewed by Kaptain Carbon on 2012-06-04T09:40:47-07:00 rating 3.8 out of 5

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