Trouble Books – Love at Dusk Trouble Books – Love at Dusk

Trouble Books - Love at Dusk (2013)

Trouble Books – Love at Dusk (2013)

What Trouble Books do is beautiful and that can be very hard to hear, sometimes.

Not that I have any problem with beauty. In fact, I work actively to entrench myself in art and experience that echoes the spiritual success of aesthetic arrest but – to be perfectly honest – it’s so much easier to absorb and recount an event that is ugly and irrational, delightful but flightless, incidental and temporal and otherwise refined to a nub better suited to bathroom stalls than salt flats and the cruel portraiture of sunset.

I can easily listen to music that falls around the confines of the visceral, immediate human experience. Love, sex and death perforating chords, rattling drum blood lines. I can even take the experimental deconstructionist shit hate-fucking 4/4 time and the general pentatonic sense to force feed the mind a wedge of wax-coated strychnine.

But Trouble Books are a challenge.

Though I have been enjoying their drone pop acoustic experiments off and on since the wonderful and sadly defunct site, The Noise Is… shared the band’s debut The United Colors of Trouble Books way back in 2009 (four years being forever these days) I have often found myself reluctant to share them and wholly incapable of describing their credence (their sole appearance on the site came from a TET that the good Kap’n Carbon narrated). I am inclined to tell you that I don’t understand why I’d keep a band like Trouble Books so secret and inarticulate but on a Saturday night wrapped up in my hurricane hoodie and hand-knit green scarf, I get it.

Love at Dusk is a representation of intimacy that is almost too much to bear for its tenderness, its expectant ambience. It was written and recorded while one of the members was pregnant (with the other’s child) and though there is no deliberate connection between the tender embrace of the album and the terrifying strangeness of welcoming a new human being into this world, there is an unmistakable glow to the effort that shines just a little brighter than their other releases. Like a candlelight window in the first white of a New England winter or an ancient receiver shifting static in the basement while the rest of the old world is long resting, acceptant of the grey quiet of a knowable future.

It is a lonesome endeavor which touches the heart with such subtle care as to be almost debilitating. It is the sound of love, unbowed if not unscathed. Two lonely souls in concert, each inspired by the vulnerability that comes from giving oneself to another and the unspeakable, tremulous wonder of learning to accept that same grace in return.

Love at Dusk Tracklisting:

Profile of Woman in Silk Hood
Stacking Spheres
Fake Fern Shadows
The Very End, Again
Dawn Behind the Clouds
All Flowers

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