Tristen @ Hotel Cafe – 10.18.13 Tristen @ Hotel Cafe – 10.18.13


Ed. Note: The last time we saw Tristen we were shucking oysters and sipping champagne in a hotel grotto on the outskirts of Austin. The Arcade Fire was there however, sadly, Charles and Lemon were not. Those two, we’re told, were off slowly but surely imploding in a desperate bid to get the Irishman his Grimes with little to no success. Poor kids. Anyway, Tristen was the soundtrack to our bliss so, of course, we love her always and would follow her to the ends of the earth if it weren’t so convenient to catch her in Los Angeles which is just what Ben did just the other day. As always, he offers impeccable evidence. Dig, if you will, his pictures.

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