Treasure Island Music Festival 2012 – Day 1 Treasure Island Music Festival 2012 – Day 1

Photos by Misty Brewster // Words by Delicious

Music festivals are fantastic aren’t they? You hear about the dates and location, you await the announcement of artists, acts, amenities and all around festivalstuffs. As soon as you can afford it, you buy your ticket and you wait. A good deal of time will be spent daydreaming about all the joy and giddiness you will have when the festival arrives; and those daydreams will turn into planning and preparations. It’s like Christmas for adults, except for, you know, awesome. Oh, assuming you’re not one of those insufferable, cheery-all-the-time, “its always Christmas in my heart” assholes. Treasure Island Music Festival holds a special place in my heart, because like the close of holiday season for normal people, Treasure Island symbolizes the close of festival season for me.

Other festivals may be more popular, generate more media or have a larger global profile, but that’s part of what makes Treasure Island so great; it flies under the radar, arriving just at the time of year where San Francisco may be at its best.

Because we here at Pinpoint are technically a music publication, I am legally obligated to mention the scenic backdrop and the bridges and all that instagram-y stuff. And that’s cool and all, (people in the Bay Area really do love their chill vibes), but cityscapes and vistas are just the setting. Each music festival is unique from year to year, and day to day – Day 1 of Treasure Island 2012 was all about the kids and their dancing and their robot bleep-bloop sounds.

Girl Talk

My bucket of amounts of fucks I give about Girl Talk has been filled. I really don’t care about getting on stage (everyone seemed to care about getting on stage), and truthfully, ARAABMUZIK won the DJ game. So Girl Talk, you’re gonna have to bring more to the game than mashups and silly faces.

The Presets

Porter Robinson

Public Enemy

I didn’t expect a whole lot out of PE, and they were just alright. I’ve never seen a band grasp, lose, re-grasp and lose an audience as often as Public Enemy did. Their DJ, no longer Terminator X, isn’t that great; Flava Flav is old and just maybe their time has passed.



“Blank-ety Blank KIIILLLING IT!” – is the way every live performance by a band is described in the various social media outlets and it bugs the shit out of me. In the same pedantic way that I must stop and clarify that not EVERY person in porn is a “porn star”; I have to call bullshit on this notion that every band, everywhere is always “KIILLLING IT!”.

That being said, ARAABMUZIK…killed it.

Matthew Dear

Chloe: “I don’t really know what this music is that I’m listening to”
Me: “I don’t hear any of the instruments that they seem to be playing”

I also meant to ask Chloe if Matthew (just assuming that the lead guy is, in fact, named Matthew) was hot. Further conversation would have ensued. I often have conversations with myself.


I love Grimes. She sounded great. She has awesome dance moves. There was a sail boat going back and forth behind her throughout her set. Facts.

The Coup

The Coup is a funk band disguised as a hip hop group and easily one of the most underrated good-time bands in the area. Maybe a little too preachy or political for the “we’re just here to see Girl Talk” crowd, I thought they were awesome and Boots Riley (also the front man for Street Sweeper Social Club) is an electric performer.

K. Flay

One of my favorite parts about Treasure Island is the zero-conflict festival setup. Two stages, alternating sets. You literally just walk back and forth and you never have to miss a band or artist. I forget what this had to do with K. Flay, but she was one of the acts I was really looking forward to and she was pretty badass. I knew she would be. My hip hop loving, scientist friend from Oakland turned and said to me “wow, I’ve definitely slept on K. Flay”. Don’t sleep on K. Flay.

Dirty Ghosts

I really do not envy the band that has to start a festival off on the first day. It’s bright, we’re all hungover, mostly wallflower-ing or wandering to grasp the lay of the land. The crowd that is actually there is only halfheartedly giving a shit. That makes me feel bad. This band has literally put in hundreds of hours of practice and effort into creating something, and here I am…I got coffee and took a bus. Fuck me, seriously. The opening band is also responsible for that initial assault on your eardrums – transporting your whole being from affable, concert-going, coffee drinker to “holy fuck, I’m at a rock concert!!!!!”. Thank you Dirty Ghosts for captaining that ship.

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