Treasure Island 2013 Artist Spotlight: Major Lazer Treasure Island 2013 Artist Spotlight: Major Lazer

major-lazer-580x336It’s 6am in NYC and I am working my way through black coffee and American Spirit looking for a way to shake this pale, dry husk of man meat into a day life like blue sex lightning from the halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli so, of course, I’m turning to Major Lazer whose boombah pulsed and star-stud manic latest loose concept record, Free the Universe has become a staple in making dawn seem less like a prospective death sentence and more like a badge of honor for a night well-lived (even if only in naps). I suppose that’s not the most glowing endorsement for the Diplo helmed face-melting sound system’s Saturday set at San Francisco’s Treasure Island Fest this weekend but if that Philly dirtbag (now legitimate businessman) can get this skull rattling to pleasure principles (if not, necessarily, practice) so early on a darkened Wednesday just IMAGINE what he’ll do to a throng of sweating, smiling, toned-ass youth. It’s gonna be epic, ladies and dudes. Big BIG ups, beat downs and maximum volume for the super BOOM!

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