Treasure Island 2013 Artist Spotlight: Phantogram Treasure Island 2013 Artist Spotlight: Phantogram

osl-2011-day-10019[1]Who’s on my “can’t wait to see” list for Treasure Island Music Festival? Phantogram! As someone who always turns to music, especially whenever I’m craving a non-hangover inducing pick-me-up, I frequently look to Phantogram, knowing with certainty that the electronic beats of the New York based duo will turn around even the most laggard of days. This ability is especially present in their most recent, self titled studio album. As soon as the tracks hit my speakers, the uber cool beats and sultry vocals seem to pump sexiness through my bloodstream causing an almost hallucinogenic state. Knowing the effect the duo’s tracks have on me when listened to via speakers, it is no surprise that I am psyched to see Phantogram take the stage this Saturday at San Francisco’s Treasure Island Music Fest. While music will remain my drug of choice this weekend, suspicion tells me I will represent the minority on that one, so I can only imagine the effect Phantogram’s beats will have on those under the actual influence. All I know: it will definitely be sexy.

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