Treasure Island 2009 – Flaming Lips – The Decemberists – Beirut – Walkmen Treasure Island 2009 – Flaming Lips – The Decemberists – Beirut – Walkmen

MGMT, Girl Talk, MSTRKRFT, Brazilian Girls, The Streets, Passion Pit and Murs all on the same day on an island in the San Francisco Bay? Sounds like Day 1 of the 2009 Treasure Island Music Festival, arguably the better of the several San Francisco summer music festivals.
Only, Pinpoint Music will never know.

It may or may not surprise you, but the staff of Pinpoint Music does not get the same credentials for an event as say, Rolling Stone magazine. Don’t get me wrong, there are press and media passes, guest lists and even just admit one’s that come our way, but occasionally, just like any other serial procrastinator with a drinking habit and a casual disregard for responsibility, we find ourselves trolling for tickets on craiglist. Cold floors, Excedrin – migraine strength and craigslist is how Day 1 of the 2009 Treasure Island Music Festival began for us here at Pinpoint Music.

Before food, before showers, but not before coffee we were three or four negotiations deep in our pursuit of tickets to the festival; looking for the best deal, giving almost no thought to credibility or sanity of the seller. We settled on buying tickets from Steve, who was a buddy of Don. Why couldn’t Don just sell them himself? Shady.

Steve met me on a street corner and handed me two tickets to the festival that looked like they were made before the internet existed. And like a total newjack I forked over the money with about as much hesitation as a slutty high school girl posting her party pix on facebook.

Just when you realize you have counterfeit tickets, you have one of a few options, you can: sulk for a moment, say “aww shucks” and start drinking wine out of a can like that episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia; OR remember everything you can about every episode of 24 and McGuyver you’ve ever seen and go get your money back. The decision was simple; lets Jack Bauer this shit.

The plan was tactically flawless. Call “the dude” from another phone and set up another purchase – a seemingly random inquiry from a completely different number about a single ticket. A price and location was negotiated, the deal was on, and we were on our way.

This is where things got a little unclear – what, exactly, do we do once we come face to face with our counterfeiter? Give him a stern talking to? Challenge him to a battle of wits? We hadn’t really thought out this part of the plan. The rest of the encounter played out something like this…

Grab the tire-iron and summon every childhood Saturday morning spent watching wrestling on TV. Realize that we needed to call the cops instead. Setup the perfect sting operation. Meet our counterfeiter on Mission and 1st. Let the officer do his best one-man good cop/bad cop impression. Get our money back after an arrest then release. Get sammiches, go to Twin Peaks and make fun of tourists.

Although Day 1 of the Treasure Island Music Festival was sacrificed, thanks to SFPD and Pinpoint Music, the citizens of San Francisco found their streets just a little bit safer. You’re welcome.

So without a story to beat Day 1 we present to you day 2 of San Francisco
‘s Treasure Island festival 2009, photo diary style.

Flaming Lips

The Decemberists



Some Random Treasure Island Things

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