Town Bike – Go! Fight! Win! Town Bike – Go! Fight! Win!

Town Bike Go! Fight! Win!

Town Bike Go! Fight! Win!

Where do Town Bike get off? Are they really as punky and badass as they claim to be in, well, every single song on their debut “Go! Fight! Win!”? “You’re just a loser and I’m in Town Bike”? “I always heard you were trouble, and trouble fucken rocks”? This is one of the tamest female fronted pop-and-power-chords albums I’ve ever heard, and I seriously can’t imagine their singer giving anyone trouble, given how bored and reserved she sounds the whole time. Not surprisingly, I’ve found that this “okay” album is instantly more enjoyable when their attitude is assumed to be a joke. Literally every song is about how awesome their band or singer Sarah is, and its tough to take them seriously with lines about how Town Bike will change your life and songs about “jerks with new shoes.” Once this lyrical barrier is crossed, however, Town Bike do become a pretty fun pop-punk band.

It seems as though “Go! Fight! Win” attempts to strike a balance between Be Your Own Pet and Art Brut, even starting with their own “Formed A Band”-style anthem, “Town Bike Show.” Inevitably, they wind up sounding like the Go-Go’s with more distortion and curse words, foregoing the lyrical wit and clever details of their contemporaries for more generic themes. There are songs about stealing boyfriends (“Yr Boyfriend”), dating punks (“Trouble Fucken Rocks”), dating guys who aren’t punks (“Bad Girl”), being a punk (“It’s My Mic”), and their number one fan (“Kelly Loves Us”). But the best songs are the ones that aren’t really about anything, including the thirty-second punk put-down of “CMBH,” or “cockmuffbumhole,” and the brief synth barnburner about their songwriting process, “Three Chords Three Notes.” So, while Town Bike might turn out to be all talk, their debut does succeed in delivering in other areas, namely in quality unpretentious Ramones-pop.

Town Bike - Go! Fight! Win!, reviewed by Squeri on 2009-03-17T20:47:50-07:00 rating 3.2 out of 5

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  • stevedave says:

    “Be Your Own Pet and Art Brut” what?
    more like The Ramones and The OC.
    Genius record. 4.3 / 5.0