Toro Y Moi @ The House of Blues, Dallas – 10.11.13 Toro Y Moi @ The House of Blues, Dallas – 10.11.13

All photos by Sean Berry Photography.


Editor’s Note: In our continued effort to document the beautiful people in the most illustrious of ways, we recently dispatched the incomparable Mr. Sean Berry to document Toro Y Moi (which I am led to believe roughly translates to “Bull and I”) in Dallas because Dallas, my friends, is where it’s AT! I hear many babies were made that day to the dulcet hip shift love jams of Mr. Chaz (the “Moi” as it were) but that could just be the alcohol and optimism taking me back to simpler ways. Whatever the case, Mr. Berry represented and we proudly present his evidence below. Dig, if you will, his pictures.

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