Torche – Meanderthal Torche – Meanderthal

Torche - Meanderthal

Torche - Meanderthal

Man, I wish I was high. REAL fucking high. Senior year high. The perfect kind that comes after all the angst has rubbed off into a hundred disused gym socks and you have real live boobs to look forward to groping aimlessly. Shamelessly awkward and in defiance of the man you were certain you’d become once you blew the back out of that popsicle stand they called a class and made it on your words, man. Your fucking ART. Your uncompromising war on the bourgeoisie that no one could ever understand in the brief confines of your adolescence. Fuck that. You were a legend. An epic. An Arthurian mess written bigger every Saturday as you and your knights, your damsels less distressed, prowled the fringes of the nameless, faceless town you inhabited (just a little longer, man. Just a few more months and then…everything would be different. Everything would make sense and you’d be appreciated for your charming genius. They’d see. Fucking college, man. You’d be the shit in the big city) in search of dragons and that one gas station that would sell you beer AND cigarettes despite your baby fat and glaring lack of remotely passable IDs. But it wasn’t about that, really. Well, you needed the cigarettes to get through the week but there was a dime bag left so the grail could wait, besides there was always something in your girlfriend’s house you could swipe and all pretend you enjoyed. Because no one really welcomes a bottle of Peachtree Schnapps, but your journey can’t end in vain. Not yet. Not until you gray and fade into the working days that turned your parents from grave lions to sheep, whimpering their debts along the wasteland you were destined to inherit. But that fate is miles and miles away. And there’s a chance you can burn it, yet.

Track List:
1. Triumph of Venus – 1:44
2. Grenades – 2:53
3. Piranha – 1:32
4. Sandstorm – 2:19
5. Speed of the Nail – 1:41
6. Healer – 2:07
7. Across the Shields – 3:03
8. Sundown – 3:17
9. Little Champion – 0:34
10. Without a Sound – 2:06
11. Fat Waves – 4:32
12. Amnesian – 6:25
13. Meanderthal – 4:00

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