Tonight’s Show You Ought to Know: Charles Bradley @ The Belly Up, San Diego Tonight’s Show You Ought to Know: Charles Bradley @ The Belly Up, San Diego

Charles Bradley @ Outside Lands 2011

We, at Pinpoint, love Charles Bradley. The Screaming Eagle of Soul has swooned us into a sweaty sense of sweet pain and stone-cold sexiness time and again for a few good damn years now and has become a principle staple of the daily staff diet ever since Ben introduced us to the man after his stunning performance at the Echo back in 2011. Just look at the pics. LOOK AT THEM!

Charles Bradley @ The Echo, 2011

This man just pours love and compassion from every pore of his sixty-odd year being while maintaining one of the most profoundly moving voices this generation or any of the many Mr. Bradley has endured with grace and swagger night after night, year after year. His debut record, No Time for Dreaming was our pick for the finest piece of wax to be released in 2011 (a year which featured stand out efforts by Black Keys, Kurt Vile, M83, Fucked Up and St. Vincent) and his latest album, 2013’s Victim of Love was, according to resident, Daniel G. “the best possible thing one could have hoped for from a new favorite artist” (which from him is saying a lot).

And tonight, TONIGHT, the man is taking his band of Extraordinaires to the Belly Up in San Diego where he will rile up all the ghosts of hope past in a reckless and earnest bid to ensure us mortals a chance at a beautiful, beautiful feature. It’s a little bit of intimacy before he lays perfect waste to the FYF Fest stage this weekend and its one you would be ruefully remiss if you missed.

So get on down there. GET THERE NOW! Get some happy hour in you so when the man takes the stage you’re good and ready to be loose legged and blown the fuck away.

You won’t regret it. Ben certainly didn’t which is why, by now, he’s shot the man more than any other artist Pinpoint has had the privilege to cover and even if he weren’t the head cheese around here, we’d just keep on putting them up because…I mean, seriously…just look at them. They are the accounts of a life, profound.

Charles Bradley @ Outside Lands, 2011

Charles Bradley @ SXSW, 2013 (two sets)

Ed. Note: The show at the Belly Up is sold the fuck out. This is not surprising but we figured you should know. You could still head on down and try and make a friend with an extra ticket to share with a pretty fella or lady, we guess. Better luck next time, kids.

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